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Built to last and tested for the equivalent of 20 years' normal use, the Miele G4940SC freestanding dishwasher will be a reassuring presence in any kitchen. This dishwasher has impressively low water consumption, partly thanks to sensor controlled washing programmes, helping it to achieve an economical A++ energy efficiency rating.

Sensor control
With two of its five wash programmes controlled by sensor to minimise water and energy consumption, this dishwasher makes a big contribution to conserving resources. It uses a light beam to measure how dirty the water is and adapts the wash programme accordingly. And it does this both for normal loads and, with a gentle touch, for glassware and china. Alternatively, you can just run the eco programme for an exceptionally economical wash.

Under pressure
Whatever programme you choose, you can speed things up by pressing the turbo button, reducing the cycle time by some 25% or more. Quicker washing is achieved by increasing the water pressure as well as the water temperature. Miele is believed to be the only dishwasher manufacturer to increase intensity of the wash by increasing the pressure of the water, as well as its temperature.

As you would expect from Miele, this dishwasher benefits from several well-thought-out, practical features from the removable cutlery tray onwards. The door is extremely easy to open and close, and stays open in any position. The lower, higher intensity wash basket offers a perfect position for each item of crockery. It can hold plates of various sizes (up to 35 cm diameter) in three rows. Chopping boards, serving platters and containers such as pots and pans can also be securely positioned.

More features
Capable of accommodating 14 place settings, this dishwasher keeps you informed of where you are in a wash cycle with a countdown indicator and it also offers a delay start option which can put off the start of a programme for up to 24 hours in advance.


  • Eco
  • Sensor Wash
  • Sensor Wash Gentle
  • Normal
  • Intensive